Mazda tribute stalling issues

I am a proud owner of a 06 Mazda tribute 3.0, 6 cylinder, 2 wheel drive, automatic. That is not the problem. The problem is on long drive 100 miles or more when we take a pit stop, to stretch our legs, we exit and when we come to a stop the suv stalls out. Its like we are driving a manual and forgot to push in the clutch. We can start it right back up and when we put it in drive it does it again. If we start it in neutral it will ideal but as we shift to drive it stalls out. We are not seeing any other problems. The MPG are the same and haven’t gotten any worse. What should I look into fixing?

Do you have gauges? if so is the temp gauge high after you stop?

Ever thing is fine when we come to the stop and I stalls out And of coarse no check engine light comes on so the mechanic says its fine.

I presume from what you say this doesn’t happen when you first start the car in the morning, only after driving it for a while. Also assuming the manufacturer’s routine engine maintenance is up to date. And you’ve had the diagnostic trouble codes read out. Note, just b/c there’s no CEL, that doesn’t imply there are no DTC’s stored in the computer memory.

The first place I’d look beyond that is the idle speed control path. Every make/model/year seems to do this function a little differently. On a 2006 I expect you may have an electronic throttle; in other words when you step on the gas pedal, there’s only an electrical connection to the throttle, not direct mechanical connection. The computer controls the actual throttle valve position in other words.

If so, the motor that the computer uses to control the throttle valve may be sticking, or more likely, the mechanisms the motor controls or the valve itself may be gummed up with crud. That’s a pretty common problem. A throttle body cleaning service would likely fix that up straight away.

Does that have anything to do with the recall,I never went in for, on the cruis control?

The cruise control does link into the same stuff that controls the throttle valve, so it might. Do you have any info on what part defect or symptom that recall was for?

Mazda is recalling certain model year 2001 through 2006, and 2008, Tribute vehicles equipped with 3.0L V6 engines and speed control. Inadequate clearance between the engine cover and the speed control cable connector could result in a stuck throttle when the accelerator pedal is fully or almost-fully depressed. This risk exists regardless of whether or not speed control (cruise control) is used.
Does that help

…when we come to a stop the suv stalls out. Its like we are driving a manual and forgot to push in the clutch.

Torque converter lockup clutch?

Does it matter that if it’s in neutral it doesn’t stall out when it gets started? Why doesn’t it do it all the time? And when it cools down? It has happened once in the last 6months. It’s a front wheel drive. Does that matter?

Ok. Today I drove over 100 miles and my car stalled out. It started right up the next light I decided to shift down until first gear. It did nit stall out. Does that mean the transition is going out?

It doesn’t sound like that recall would be related.

Has your shop verified the idle rpm is correct?

What about your transmission? Has it been given a general look-see for the idea posted above on the torque converter? And has it had a proper service recently? Generally when a transmission is giving up the ghost the first symptom is it wont shift into gear when it should. It stays in neutral in other words, when you shift from park or neutral to drive. So your symptom would be an unusual way for a transmission to go out, but I suppose it is possible.

Nothing has been done to the transmission. I am taking it in Friday for the recall. I was going to give it a tune up after that and then the transmission. Thanks for all the help.