Intermittent power sliding door on minivan

I have a 2004 Chevy Venture minivan with automatic sliding rear doors. The problem is that the right sliding door will quit working when it is cold outside (overnight), but start working again as soon as it warms up. I don’t know where to start as it always starts working again before I get a chance to try troubleshooting the problem. Any suggestions, or has anyone seen this problem before and found the solution?

There is an optical sensor involved in the operation of the door,it is located close to the electrial motor. There is a TSB about this 04-08-64-015. There is no mention of the condition being temperature dependant. The power sliding door has a module that can be scanned for trouble codes. Make sure that there is no debris in the path ofthe door. These doors have a cable transport mechanism and the cables can fray,get tangled, or break totaly. GM has had issues with the PSD since the introduction of the Venture (called a “U” body)