Intermittent Over Heating

I have a 2002 Lincoln LS 3.9L. Intermittently the temp. gauge will go up near hot, the fan will come on and gauge will drop back to normal. Car will go into limp mode when this happens. Fan and thermostat were replaced several months ago to eliminate this problem but it is back. Mechanic had trouble getting air out of the cooling system at the time. Any ideas?

This is a common problem with the hydraulic fan system, which doesn’t work very well. Some Lincoln owners have solved the problem by switching to an electric fan system. Here’s one who did successfully:

The other problem is that the degas tanks and other plastic bits crack and allow air into the system, so that’s why the mechanic is having trouble getting the air out. See the comment from “tardis” in the link above.

Here’s another who switched to electric:

“I have had my 2000 LS since new and have had overheating problems the last few years. I took it to every dealership in town and they would all say something different. Finally, a friend of mine that owns a repair shop said let’s put an electric fan in it and since then, I have not had a problem. He used a jeep electric fan that fits perfect and disengaged the factory fan from hydraulic system. You can still see the pump turn but not connected to anything. Funny how ford only used this stupid system for a few years and changed over to an electric system. Mechanic used an empty slot in fuse box to give power to fan and fan only draws 1.2 volts. Fan runs entire time key is on or motor running. He also put a new thermostat in and what a difference car has been. The fix cost me 403.00 dollars fan was $203.00. I have been throwing money at this car for 2 years trying to fix problem changing solenoids, sensors, pump, caps, overflow bottle and all it needed was electric fan!”

Thanks for the information.