HELP! My Escape is making me nutty!

Two weeks ago I had the engine ignition coil #6 replaced because the check engine light was on, the car hesitated and wanted to stall BAD and the dealer plugged it in and thats what they said was the issue. so, $300 later…ONE little cap was replaced. The car has been running fine until today. It is a rainy day here in the North East and my check engine light went on, blinked, and the hesitation and “want” to stall thing happened again today. This only happens in the rain…WHAT DO I DO?? HELP! I don’t have another $300 for a 2 week fix!

The short answer is that they charged you $300 for fixing something and they didn’t, so go back and demand that they fix the problem.
You need the codes from the check engine read and see where it is leading you. Based on the symptoms, it sounds like you need new spark plugs and wires. What year and how many miles on the Escape?

Their warranty MUST BE LONGER THAN 2 WEEKS !!

Go back and tell them you want it fixed this time, or your money back and your old part back on the car since it obviously didn’t fix it!!

Like the other poster said, you need the codes first so you will know what’s going on. Go to an AutoZone or some other parts house that will read these codes for you FOR FREE, yes FREE, nice huh? Then you will be armed with information when this place tries to screw you again.

It’s a 2005 Ford Escape with 54K miles on it. Thanks for the scoop! I’m gonna take it to AutoZone and have them plug it in today and see what the code is. Then it’s back to Ford for them to fix it right this time!!! Thanks so much for your help!

So it can’t be a completely DIFFERENT problem this time? Did you have the code(s) in hand the last time? How will be able to prove that something else isn’t wrong with it now?

Each coil sits atop its spark plug. There are no plug wires to go bad. With six coils to go bad, it could easily be another one. Consider taking it to a good independent shop next time. Coil replacement shouldn’t cost $300, especially if it’s one of the front three.

I went to Advanced Auto Parts and the guy was very nice. He checked with the little code reader thing and here are the codes that came back. P0316, misfire detected 1st 1000 revs, (whatever that means), and P0304 cylinder #4 misfire detected. HE said that I should replace engine coil #4 ($75) and see if that works. What do you think?

When the service manager showed me the part (#6) that was replaced I wanted to cry. It is harder to pump gas than replace that part and yet they still were able to sleep at night charging me $300. I will go and ask them to read the codes tomorrow, but i know it’s a losing battle. With #4 and #6 replaced, how long before #5 goes too? Seems like a coincidence that they are both bad doesn’t it?