Intermittent ESP Light Audi A8L

The ESP light (enter of tach) comes on infrequently. When this happens the auto suspension terminates and it drives like my Jeep. Stopping, turning off and restarting solves the problem (tough to do on the XS-way). Dealer scoped and said it was either a faulty steering angle sensor or faulty suspension compressor. (Same dealer told me I needed a $300 trunk hinge replacement that I fixed with $2 of WD-40 in the joints.) Any ideas?

First why would you take it to the dealer? Find a local independent mechanic. Sorry I can’t offer any answer to the specific problem. I am not even sure what a ESP light is.

ESP is Audi’s Electronic Stability Program. If it malfunctions then it is likely that only the Audi dealership has the troubleshooting guides and the parts to diagnose and repair. If you want this fixed, go back to the dealership. It is up to you to decide whether you would continue to drive with this device working only part of the time.