Indicator Light

I have a 2008 Grand Caravan with 48xxx miles. Lately, without a pattern, a light comes on reading ESP


What is going on? Is it a costly repair?

Has it happened now that we have snow and ice? I believe it is an Electronic Stability Control light. It may be an an error message or it may just reporting it activated. Check that funny book that came in the glove box, the one that you have been thinking about look at since 2008. :slight_smile:

I’ll bet the owner’s manual has something to say about this light.

“Owner’s manual?” What’s that?

ESP = Extra Sensory Perception. BAR = well, bar.

Your Grand Caravan can read your mind and it’s telling you to stop at the next bar.

Many years ago, Chemical Bank, a NYC-based financial institution, had a TV commercial that used the line, “When a NY woman’s needs are financial, her first thoughts are Chemical”. I would like to popularize a slogan along the lines of, “When anyone’s questions are car-related, his first thought should be… Owner’s Manual”.

Fentonbubba–We can all speculate on what that warning light might indicate, but you have the ultimate authority–the Owner’s Manual–sitting in your glove compartment. You really need to begin to use that very informative little book. One of the sections that you should read includes details on the Bumper to Bumper Warranty.

With any luck–depending on the length of warranty coverage–this problem might be covered under warranty and could cost you nothing to repair. However, the first step is to find out exactly what the manual tells you about that warning light.

The ESP was right but it is BAS instead of BAR. Does BAS stand for Bad Ass Soccerdad?
The light comes on in a corner(dry road), on a straight (dry) road, at 30mph, or 65, and yes when it is slick out as well. Owners manual says to check with a dealer. However, the light goes off before I am able to keep my appointment.