Intermittent Cruise Control Problem

I have an '05 Explorer that has intermittent problems with the cruise control. It has 6K left to the end of the warranty and when I took it into the dealership they drove it a grand total of 3 miles and didn’t experience any problems (figures) and said they couldn’t do anything for me unless it happened to them. The problem has occurred at least half a dozen times for me, so I know it’s not in my head - how do I get the dealership to actually fix it before the warranty is up and it all comes out of my pocket? My first thought was to take it in every other day and complain of the same thing until they get sick of me and replace the system just to get rid of me.

[b]The next time the cruise control stops working, take your left foot and place it behind the brake pedal and lift up on the pedal. Now re-engage the cruise control and see if it stays engaged. If it does, the brake light switch needs adjusting.


Make sure that you get written acknowlegement from the dealer that you requested service. You can use that to show that the problem was first reported during the warranty period. Just because they can’t find the problem doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. You will have a lot better chance at getting ti repaired if you do this.