Intermittent abs light

I have an 2000 lexus RX 300 AWD with an intermittent abs light and clock that will not keep the correct time, a bad ground? No codes.

Possible. Have you checked?

From the wiring diagram, the abs and clock are not connected, but they might have a common ground, does not show.

Its most likely the case that these two things are unrelated. If you really want to know about the ABS the surest way is to get it to a shop with the right kind of scanner to check for error codes.

Short of that at the very least have someone do a visual check & cleaning of your wheel speed sensors & electrical connections.

Depending on where you live you could just ignore the ABS light. I have a 2002 Town & Country and a 2004 PT Cruiser/ The 2002 has ABS abd the 2004 doesn’t.

Every winter, as soon as the road salt hits the pavement the ABS light comes on and in the spring, as soon as I drive in the rain it goes off.

It isn’t part of inspection in NY state and when the light is on my 2002 drives just like my 2004.