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ABS Light on 2003 Lexus ES-300

I have 2003 Lexus ES-300 with 79000 miles and recently we tried to jump start car with another car battery, car did start but noticed ABS light came on we even replaced new battery from dealer but can not get rid of ABS light. Dealer was asking for $135.00 just to diagnose the problem, therefore decided to diagnose on my own. I noticed that ABS #2 fuse was blown out in fuse relay box, purchase same type 40a fuse from Auto Zone but as soon as installed it blew up again, did disconnect battery negative terminal and installed another same fuse but as soon as connected battery it blows up again. Any suggestions where the short might be? Please help…is it worth to spend $135.00 for disgnosis at dealer whom i do not trust at this point as any time you go there they try to stick you with huge bills. THANKS IN ADVANCE

There’s no need to take it to a dealer - for anything. Find a reputable, local, independent shop and take it there. You will still have to pay for the time put into to checking it, and it could turn out to be very expensive.

If you think you want to try to find the problem yourself then say some more about yourself. Do you own an electrical multimeter? Know how to check continuity, voltages, resistance? Do you have a good jack and a set of jack stands? What’s your tool situation?

Hello Cigroller, sorry it took me a while to get back since my problem is not fixed yet. Re your question about my electrical knowledge yes I have some and do have multimeter, can check continuity and have good jack & tools as I do change my own oil, tune up & brake pads replacement. Even though car is runing fine otherwise, any suggestion to diagnose or fix this problem will be appreciated. Thanks Smd.

4 years with the light on, why worry about it now. It is still going to take a diagnostic fee and repair costs.

Sounds like the ABS pump motor is shorted. Disconnect the ABS motor and see if the fuse blows.

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One bit of advice, avoid the jump-start thing going forward. New car electronics just don’t take to that jolting as well as cars of yesteryear.

If I had that problem I’d just ignore it. I’m not recommending this mind you. It’s your decision entirely. But me, I’d be willing to take the risk & just drive a little more carefully knowing I didn’t have the ABS function. Somehow most people were able to survive for years with no ABS function in their cars before ABS became commonplace. I expect many cars that have ABS, it is never actuated in the entire life of the car.

George, good point. I have activated the ABS on my car, but only deliberately, to see how it works.

Never activated the stability control, probably never will.