Intermitent transmision leak on 2001 Merc Sable



Our 2001 Mercury Sable has developed an intermitent leak in its transmission. It started out that I find only a few drops occionally on our garage floor. Then I left about a 9" spot on the driveway. Then finally a much larger puddle on the garage floor. As I said,this was only intermitently. Several weeks would past before I would see any sign of a leak, and the fluid level always looked good. After I found the large puddle on the garage floor, I took it to Ammco. They thought it was a leaky seal at the speed sensor, which required dropping the transmision. They replaced all the seals, and put in new transmission fluid.

They put on the lift and ran it in reverse for 30 mins and nothing leaked. And it didn’t for a few weeks, but then I found another 9" spot on the driveway, and then the problem progressed as it did before the attempted repair.

Here’s what I’ve been able to determine since. I seems to happed either after I’ve moved the car from the garage to the driveway, or vise versa. The car could have sitting for over a day, or for only a few house, but when I have moved a mere 15’ and left it for a few hours or overnight, thats when the leak appears. Even this seniaro does not happen every time. Ammco has had the car for a week now trying to recreate the problem with no success. They say the next step is a complete overhawl.

Anyone out there have any idea what could be causing the bazaar tranny leak?

Charlie in Blue Springs, MO