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Interior cabin filter

Is there an interior cabin filter on my 2003 ford explorer? I don’t see it in my Chilton’s manual unless I’m calling it the wrong thing. I was told I need to change that to help get rid of smoke odors from previous owner. If there is one, where is it and how difficult to change/clean? Thanks

The vehicle owner’s manual should have information about the cabin air filter, if there is one.

Smoke odors permeate everything in the interior (seats, carpet, headliner, door panels, etc). I doubt replacing the cabin air filter (if there is one) will make much difference.

But it’s worth a try (if there is one).

03 Explorer never had a cabin filter.

However, Google the subject. I did that on my vehicle and discovered that even though mine did not come with a cabin filter the ductwork was designed to accomodate one and it was offered in later models. The “model specific” site I found even provided a part number for a filter for those who might want to add one.