Non-interference engine

Does anybody know if the Ford Focus 02 SE has a non-interference or an interference engine? I am asking because I am overdue for the timing belt change.

go here, look down the page for timing belts. read the note in red to the right.

there is mention of two engines, a single overhead cam, and a double overhead cam. find out which engine you have.

OP: i have the dual cam

OP: So I have the DOHC which is a non-interference engine. It is the SOHC that is the interference type. Am I reading it wrong?

Yes, the SOHC engine has the interference engine. If the timing belt should slip on the SOHC engine, there would be such disharmony between the pist-ons and the val-ves !

as long as you are reading your car information correctly, a dohc is NON interference. a sohc IS interference