Interesting tow truck!

I’m not on Facebook but is this to compete with youtube?

In one of the finance articles I read it said Facebook is now for senior citizens interested in cat stories. I think they meant real cats not converters. Then said young people are going for Tik Tok. Really insulting but in regard to the 2% market loss in one day.

Could you not link to the video? A youtube video if you could not. Must see - Interesting Side loading tow truck - illegal parking - YouTube


I knew about the one’s in Europe that had a small crane on the back, could pick up a car easily. Tow trucks here have ways to pick up fhe front or back wheels without even needing to get out of the cab.

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That is an interesting way to tow a car. There must be cameras or other sensors that allow the driver to position the truck properly. It doesn’t look like he has a partner directing where the truck is positioned.