My car got damaged getting towed

No sir it is not possible. Guess you have to click on it then click on play, sorry!

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Should be some interesting insurance claims. Tow truck driver did not know ‘new’ Beetles were FWD?

The heading made me think that Mr. Barky had his vehicle damaged . Turns out it was an incident that I was not really interested in.

But interested enough to comment. :thinking:

Interested enough to come back and read this comment? :smirk: We’ll see…

I got a kick out of watching the video and called my wife over to check it out. Thanks, Barky!
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I feel awful just seeing it and I’m not even the owner. I can’t imagine what the driver felt.

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Another report says it may have been the 2nd car in that area stolen by a tow truck within a few hours.

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Steering wheel locked, possibility deputy dog!