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Heavy load!

This might not be the right forum, but I think you will be amused. I saw this on a local radio station’s web site just now:

It reminded me of this one from a few years ago:

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And this is how they do it in Afghanistan!

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They’re all just sad, pale copies of the original…


What’s a heavy load without a thousand foot drop right next to you?


Then there’s THIS poor guy…




A few years ago a friend was vacationing in Newfoundland, Canada, and encountered a strange site. A local fisherman was transporting his fishing dory (boat), but lacking a trailer he carried it on his convertible with the top down.

Unfortunately it sat ACROSS the back seat and blocked most of the 2 lane highway! Traffic had to go around him on the shoulders in order to pass.

Man, these are great! Thanks for the morning chuckle.

The sad part is, when something departs one of these vehicles it’s treated no worse than littering, even if someone is injured or killed. This was on the local news when they had video of a motorcycle rider hitting debris that just fell off a truck. I think the laws need to change to ensure there is adequate responsibility and liability for these types of negligence…

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