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Interesting new auto/motorcycle technology

Although this vehicle is not for sale in the US, I think that its technology is really interesting.

Take a look at:


Cool. I’ve seen articles on a number of different variations on this theme over the years.

The thing that always puzzles me on these trikes is the mileage. 40 mpg? My '05 Corolla got an honest 38 mpg highway and it was probably three times the weight, much more rolling resistance, and multiple times the frontal area (wind resistance). I can never understand why they don’t get 60 mpg at least.

I looked at a Can-Am trike a few months back and the sales guy said they get great mileage…30 mpg highway. My tC gets that if I drive it conservatively. Even if he was wrong and it actually gets 40 mpg it still seems poor. Granted, the Can-Am is for young folks bored with their Skiddoos and looking for aomething more dangerous, but jeeze, 30 mpg? And they cost as much as a car!

I think I’d prefer an Ariel Atom, an it’s already available in the USA for about the same price. As you know, the Atom’s capabilities on the track are breathtaking.

Can you say motion sickness?There are way too many moving parts.KISS rules.

Here’s the video for those who haven’t seen it