Can Am trikes

OK folks, I checked out the new Can Am trikes with the two wheels up front and one in back, the thought being that it would be a great commuter vehicle in the summer.

It’s just a wild kid’s plaything. The seating position is upright, it’s a high-revving V-twin and only gets 30 mpg. My car gets that and weighs over three times as much (the Can Am weighs 800 lbs) with far more frontal area and more rolling resistance.

Here’s a vehicle that if designed with a comfortable seating position and tuned & geared for mileage could be a huge solution to the cost of commuting. Seems they missed a huge market opportunity.


Take a look at the website for Piaggio. They have three-wheelers (2 in front) that are–technically speaking–in the category of scooters, but some of them have 40 hp, or possibly more. I don’t know for sure about their fuel economy, but it stands to reason that they should be capable of much better mileage than the Can Am trikes that you looked at. In the latest issue of Smart Money, they had some nice things to say about the Piaggio.

Thanks. I’ll definitely look.

The website says they have a dealer in North Hampton, 31 miles from me. I’ll have to stop by.

Why, pray tell, aren’t the “save the earth” and “reduce your carbon footprint” types talking these up as a way of reducing gas usage for commuters? Why aren’t the bike companies promoting trikes to this market segment? Are they all missing something here?

I found one on the internet called the Trirod, being built by what appears to be a neophyte company. I’ve sent for more info. The configuration looks perfect and they make a highway cruiser model.

I’ll post again when I have something.

As great as the Piaggio looks, it appears to handle like a traditional bike, and the “body language” is something I cannot do anymore.

I keep seeing the Piaggio type trikes around. I saw one yesterday running around downtown San Clemente (along with a ton of old vespers, VW bugs, and one perfect looking ford pinto station wagon).

I saw one a couple weeks ago…I guess on their way to Bike Week. Looked pretty cool.

If you think the Can Am looked cool (and I agree), check out the TriRod website.

or you could buy a crf230L and have much less power (like 18) but have insane fuel economy

Thank you sincerely for the suggestion. You may have missed the first thread.

I’m looking specifically for a trike because I have a disability that prohibits lifting. I have to buy milk in 1/2 gallon containers and carry them in the house one at a time. Anything that might go down or has to be stood up from a kickstand I must eliminate from the competition. Beyond that comes the need for high mileage…to cut commuting costs and be prepared for 2009…and $5/gal gas prices.

But I very much apprciate folks joining in with recommendations. People helping people is a sign of humanity.