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Interchangeable parts

Can 1995 Concourse axel, struts & rack in pinion steering parts interchange with the same parts of a 1996 ford Taurus?

A Cadillac Deville Concourse is a GM product. So no.


The OP may be thinking of a 1995 Ford Contour, but I would bet that the answer is still no.

I was mistaken…after double checking I found it was a 1995 Ford Contour. Anyone else have a guess on this one? The parts sure look the same!

Go to any auto parts store website. Pull up the parts on each car and compare the part numbers. The ideal part numbers to use would be Motorcraft.

The Contour and the Taurus are substantially different. I believe there was a Mercury version of the Contour, however, and they are probably interchangeable.

The Mercury version of the Contour was the Mystique and the Mercury Taurus was the Sable. So I don’t think that there having been a Mercury version will help.

Actually, one large problem may be that these cars underwent some fairly substantial design changes between '95 and '96. I don’t know, however, to what extent that applies to steering and axles.

They are completely interchangeable, given enough ingenuity on your part.

Call a large auto recycling yard in your area. They have a parts interchangibility book at most of these places.