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AX4N Transmission Swap Question

Can I put an AX4N transmission from a 1997 Ford Taurus GL wagon (3.0L OHV) into a 1996 Ford Taurus GL wagon (also 3.0L OHV)? The '96 is currently equipped with an AX4N that has blown. Everything I have read says I can do the 97 to 96 swap, and these two cars are virtually identical in every respect except cosmetically, but before doing it I’d feel better if some of you experts would weigh in. Thanks!

contact salvage yard/ auto recycler in your area. They have the knowledge of what will interchange with what. They will be able to tell you what you would need to change to make the swap work.

Thanks for the tip. I checked the parts search at Brandywine Auto Parts in Maryland, a major used parts co here and their search results list both 97 and 96 AX4N’s as a replacement for this vehicle.


Ok… what is even different about these vehicles cosmetically? I don’t believe Ford made ANY changes from 96-97, and 98 was only a new front bumper and rear taillight…

btw, didn’t you just rebuild this transmission yourself? What happened?

I have two Ford Tauruses right now, a 97 and a 96. I bought a used AX4N for the blown AX4N in the '97 and swapped it in. The '97 is now running and shifting great now. I have the bad AX4N from the '97 sitting in my garage.

While we were finishing up the trans swap on the '97, the AX4N in my '96 Taurus (appx 215k miles) let go. Once the trans got warm after 10 minutes of driving or so I’d lose all forward gears and reverse. Pretty consistent pattern of having gears when cold, then fading to nothing over the course of a few minutes.

So I am thinking of getting the extra AX4N from the '97 rebuilt while we work on getting the bad AX4N out of the '96. When the '97’s AX4N is finished we would put it into the '96. Thus we wouldn’t have to wait around for rebuild after getting AX4N out of '96. Trans from '97 would be all set to go and we could turn right around and put it in and get the car back on the road.

The main cosmetic difference between my 97 and 96 Tauruses are interior and exterior colors.