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Transmission interchangability

i have a 89 buick lesabra and a 94 pontiac grandprix the buick is 3.8 auto and the gradprix is 3.1 auto. im not car stupid but people are telling me the tranny from the buick will fit in the pontiac this sounds not right to me but im up for discussion any body know anything

You are right. The 89 Lesabre has a 440-t4 transmission and the Grand Prix has a 4T60E. Both transmissions are basically the same except the Grand Prix’s transmission is electronic and the Lesabre’s is not. In short, you can not put the non electronic transmission in the vehicle calling for an electronic transmission.


Transman is right, of course.

You can check interchange abilities yourself be going to and putting in each car. If you are needing another transmission, that is also a good place to find a used one near you.

You will probably find that several years of Pontiacs and Buicks as well as other GMs will interchange, but not those two years.

thats what i thought. but i already figured that out cause i went and looked it was late and i didnt want to be out looking in the dark. thanks though