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Interchangeable partss

Is there web site that can tell you if parts are interchangeable?

I don’t know of any website. If there was one how do you know if you could trust the information? That could be a very expensive lesson. Visit your local salvage yard. They have the latest interchange books because their livelihood depends on it.

Boneyards subscribe to a database that provides this type of information, but I’m not aware of any free site that does. Try asking a boneyard.

As Missileman says how accurate would a site like that be . I wonder what prompted the question .

Good question. If the OP had given us the detailed information on exactly what he/she was trying to swap off he/she would have had a far, far better chance of getting help.

1 Like North America car parts database(free)

I have looked for specific parts on line. Usually, the seller lists the vehicles it works on. I was looking for parts on a GM car at the time.

Autozone’s site used to cross reference parts. Check it out.

Or on some things you can look your part up at Rockauto then hit one of the tabs (don’t remember which) and it will tell you what other vehicles that part fits on.