Car part interchange information

Does anyone know of a website that offers free and reliable car part interchange information? Not inner change as my auto correct suggests.

Well, the OP corrected his/her initial post, so my initial response is moot. I defer to those who’ve already posted good answers.

Are you asking about interchange? As in, what parts from one car might fit another car?

The best place to ask is salvage yards.

Hollander is the most well known but free and cheap they are not.
If you live in or near a major metro area you might check your public library. Some of them have Hollander interchange manuals in the reference section.

If you’re looking for the random odd part you might peruse some of the chain car part stores info. Unless they’ve changed it in recent memory, Advance Auto Parts used to show a “See All Vehicles This Part Fits” prompt that would give a listing of all applicable vehicles.
Comparing parts numbers on the website is also a way of doing this but it’s a bit more tedious. will show what parts will interchange in most cases. Just look for the part in question, and see what other makes and models pop up. It’s not perfect, but it’s good.

Thanks for your replies!