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How to find interchangeable parts

hello my name is moe but most people call me well moe so you can call me moe

I recently purchased a 2001 bonneville, and the trans went on me.

at first it was making a winding noise then eventually went but here is my question i was wondering if there is a way i could find uot what other trans will fit in that car


Sorry, I have nothing to contribute to answering your question, but I had to compliment you on your Blazing Saddles reference. That was good.

Even Hedy Lamarr would agree. (That’s HEDLEY!)

Moe, Try The Auto Salvage Yards. Many (Most) Have Access To Information That Will Show Which Transmissions Will Interchange.


Correct. They should have something called Hollander Interchange Manual.

If you find a board specific for the model or brand, you might get even more help than from the scrapyard. Sometimes people will know what peripheral parts to carry over to get a broader interchange.

At, if you click on a part number it tells you every other car that uses the same part. It’s a little tricky because they don’t sell complete transmissions, but if you search for a rebuild kit, it should work.

Also, at (a searchable junkyard inventory), you can select to include interchanges in your search.