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Integra Vs CR-V on a winding road

I was driving on a rented Fusion on a winding road - I missed my Integra - I thought that it would have been easier for me in handling the curves.

Any thoughts on how would it be on a CR-V, Honda?

Tall=tippy=poorer handling, so CRV would be way down the handling list from an Integra.

CRVs are one of the better handling SUVs; but that’s like saying it’s the slimmest person at a fat farm. They have upright seating with higher COG, FWD bias and standard stability control, which contribute to secure handling, not great handling. There in lies the difference.
I would drive a competent rwd sports car like Miata or a police package on a CV for larger cars to get a handling base. Then you can judge deficiencies of other cars from there from there.

The CR-V would be worse than the Fusion. You’ll still be missing the Integra.

Why not a Civic, which the Integra was based on?

about the only suv that’ll handle the twisties really well is the Mazda CX-7

Try it’s corporate sibling, the Acura RDX w/ SH AWD. Been told the FWD is good as well.