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TSX Wagon Vs CRV

Acura TSX Wagon Vs CRV - I know one is a car and the other is a SUV.

I never had SUVs.

Anything that I should consider before buying any one of the two?

The CRV is actually not an SUV, but a crossover/CUV. Most of them are not traditional SUV’s anymore. It is a Honda Civic riding high technically speaking. But it has evolved over time.

As far as which one to get, I would think the Acura would have a more cushy and luxurious ride. Not sure how much extra $$ you have to pay. Test drive both and make sure you take it on a long fwy drive. The CRV tends to get noisy.
Also, not sure what your needs are; towing/offroading etc.

This is certainly a mixed bag of vehicles. The Acura TSX is the better vehicle if price is no object. The CRV is a nice vehicle but can have problems with the transmissions if they are older. Take galant’s advice and drive each vehicle and have them looked at by an independent mechanic before you buy if they are used.

The TSX will drive much more like your Integra if handling is an issue. With the 2.4L 4-cul, they both get the same mileage. I’d opt for the car, but I don’t know what you want in a new vehicle.