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CR-V or Rogue?

Here are some things I’m looking for, it would be great to get some outside perspective on the choice, thanks!

  • Budget is high enough for highest trim level with all options
  • Driving experience and performance is important
  • Fuel economy is important, willing to pay for hybrid premium if the offset is worth it
  • Prefer high quality interior over spacious interior
  • Prefer simple and understated styling over extravagant

I’m leaning towards CR-V, but I would like to know what you guys think.

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Most of these are personal preference, so test drive them both, buy what you like.

From a review that I read recently, the Rogue is pretty slow, which doesn’t mesh with your request for performance.

A gently used Acura RDX might be a better choice over these two.

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Neither really exist in either of these Mommy SUV’s. They go where you point them, they will get you where you want to go but they have no real driving “experience” or character either as far as I’m, concerned. My opinion, others will disagree and that’s OK.

Fuel economy has a great big “it depends” You didn’t say how or where you drive. Hybrids make little sense for steady highway driving as they don’t get really any better highway mpg’s than standard. If you have stop-and-go city they can give much better mpg’s. Use the rating on the car x how many miles you drive x gas cost for both hybrid and non and compare. Or the sticker does that for you.

As for the rest, buy what you like the best. looks, feel, comfort. Take a long test drive of each or even rent one for the weekend so you have the most informed choice possible.

I agree with the consensus, test drive them both (try for an extended test drive or maybe look at renting the models for a few days) and buy what you like. These questions are basically all preference questions, and you can answer those better than any of us could guess over the internet

The Top-rated compact SUV now is the new Mazda CX5. It is even higher rated than the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CRV.

I would opt for neither one of your choices. The CRV had a CVT transmission while the Rogue has significantly lower overall quality.

The CX5 is also the most fun to drive and is quieter than the Rogue. You owe it to yourself to drive one.

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The choice of vehicle is so personal it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. In July of 2016 you posted a list of vehicles (12 ) you thought you might want and they were all over the board. Just find what you like and can actually afford.

I think the CRV would make a good choice. Since the drive quality is important, you’ll have to do some homework, test drives before deciding. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with either choice as a new car. Years out the CRV might return a little more money when you sell it as a used car.

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They’re both decent choices.
Buy the one your spouse likes best. That way you cannot possibly go wrong.


I just looked at this OP’s other threads about needing help choosing a vehicle. Like so many others the list is too long and has things that contradict each other. They said they need room for 3 to 4 people and 2 dogs. If that doesn’t call for a Honda Odyssey or some thing in that category I don’t know what does.

Clearly the OP is having great difficulty choosing. Who are we to judge?

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With this latest list, I’d look at either the Mazda CX-5 or the Toyota Rav4 hybrid, along with the Forester.

OP can’t decide? Deciding is hard. I still can’t decide whether it makes sense to spend $10 fare to take the train to San Francisco to save $10 on my National Parks pass. I have to make this decision by the end of the month… … lol

I too sometimes have a very hard time making major decisions. With a major purchase like a family vehicle, it can be a real strain, especially if one is dealing with a tight budget. It’s a major decision, and the cost of making a mistake can be disastrous if the budget is tight.

My Dad is going back and forth between the CRV and the Rav4 Hybrid to get the safety features that were not available on his 2007 CRV, Not sure if the Rogue is even on his radar but he’s waiting for the 2018’s to hit the market.

It can be a tough decision, i’m part of a family that has to pretty much pick a car and stick with it. Dad took 4yrs to make up his mind last time. Looked at the 2002 CRV, 2006 Crv, and finally bought the 2007 after one test drive.

+1 for the CX-5. My daughter owns one and she loves it. She has the 2014 Sport model with the 2L engine. It’s not quick, but has acceptable acceleration without a big load. At the time she bought it, most of the reviewers suggested the 2.5L engine and said it had excellent response to a massage with the right foot. Reliability is good, too, and it doesn’t have a turbocharger. If you are still open to suggestions, test drive a Grand Touring CX-5 with a 6-speed automatic transmission. It doesn’t come with a CVT transmission.

The CRV handles really well, but if you want driving performance, then @lion9car is right - go with the RDX. It’s the CRV with a better interior and a more powerful engine. For a cSUV, that thing is fun. You’d have to start looking at BMW and Porsche to get really high performance. The RDX is a good and much cheaper middle man.

I don’t hold the same opinion that many criticizing the OP’s post do. There are some major differences between these two crossovers. You’ve got two winners here to choose from. I’ve tested both and I love them both. They are almost identical in size and both are high quality and number one and two in sales in the country right now (Rogue is first). Here are the differences:
-The Rogue is now available with a compact, temporary use, third row. It comes on the middle trims only, not the highest two. I have a crossover with such a third row and when I had little kids it was a huge asset. Now I never use it.
-The CR-V has a better engine than the Rogue hands down. The new 1.5-liter turbo is a gem. No turbo lag, dynamite mileage, and it works with the CVT transmission ideally.
-Honda’s active driving aids are also the best in the business (yes, even better than Tesla and other premium brands in my opinion).
-Finally, Honda is one of the only automakers that does not fit stupidly low-profile tires to its top trims (yes the Rogue does). That makes the tires more resistant to damage and more comfortable to drive upon. Even with the “normal” profile tires, the CR-V is the better driver’s car.
For myself, I would opt for the CR-V. I have recommended the Rogue to many friends as well. Let us know what you opt for. Here is my review of the CR-V done recently at one of CarTalk’s partner sites.

I own a CRV, but my parents recently bought a Rogue. After driving the Rogue during a long road trip with them I can tell you the quality drive and features of my CRV exceeded the Rogue. I was disappointed as I thought it would exceed or at least be equal to my Honda, but just wasn’t the case.