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Intake manifold left bank stuck open

I bought a 2002 Ford Windstar, it has over 154,000 miles on it. My problem is I got a ODB II code reader and it said that the Intake manifold on the left bank is stuck in the open position. How do I keep it from sticking. Any info would be helpful.

What was the exact DTC ?


DTC ? What is that short for.

DTC=Diagnostic Trouble Code.


According to the repair manual, the code read intake manifold stuck open

It’s what you called the ‘OBD II code’.

The code will either be P0XXX or P1XXX.

Insert numbers where the X’s are.



The code is P1581

DTC P1581 for FORD = Electronic Throttle Monitor Malfunction.

Or in other words, there’s a problem with the throttle position sensor.


Raise the hood and look at the left side of the intake manifold just above the belt. A small black box with 2 rods connected to it, one rod to each side of the manifold. The rods are only 3 or 4 " long. Make sure the wire connector is plugged into the box and if you look at the back of the box where the rods are supposed to attach, that arm should move when the key is turned on. Watch for this as someone gets in and turns the key. DO NOT START the engine while you are watching for this. Just key on, engine off. There are little white plastic clips that attach these rods to the box and the manifold. They get brittle from the engine heat, break or otherwise fall apart, and the rod falls out, a common problem with this engine.

I’ll look at that, thanks.


The DTC is P1581.

Not P1518.


Might also be the intake manifold runner control. .aka IMRC. .has just one side come apart where the clips hold the rods to the runners.

At the front of the intake plennum there is a box that is an electric motor that opens/closes the intake butterflys. It works both simultaneaously so if your problem is just one side . . a rod has come off.

Is this a dual plane intake problem? If so I am just now cathcing on.

@Rodknox I believe he has a problem with the long runner/short runner control actuator linkage.