Insurance question

Has anybody had any dealings with an insurance company called Palisades Insurance Company? They may also be know as Nice New Jersey Car Insurance Company. They are based on the east coast but I do not know if they are out of New Jersey proper.

Any info good, bad or indifferent would be helpful.

Have a great day, Kurt

they have a web page…

I did have a policy with them for a couple of years, and I did find them to have decent rates and to be easy to deal with. Fortunately, I never had an accident claim (I have been accident-free for over 33 years/470,000 miles!), so I cannot give you any information on how they treat those who have accident claims.

If you live in NJ, and if you work for an employer who belongs to the NJ Business & Industry Assn., you should be able to qualify for coverage from NJ Manufacturer’s Insurance Company, which is the best by far in all respects.

You really don’t know how good an insurance company is until you make a claim.