Instant topless - Tesla Model Y ?!?!

I’m still working to detach my lower jaw from the floor:

Model 3 owners have to watch out for rain:

Maybe too many parts cobbled from Home Depot…

I’m even less inclined to buy a Tesla. I don’t care if they are S3XY or not.

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While I still really like what Tesla has done (they singlehandedly transformed electric cars from “glorified crappy golf cart” to “I want one!”) I’ve become less and less enamored of their business practices.

The final straw for me, before any of this hit, was when Tesla started remotely disabling features that pre-owned cars had been sold as having “because the first owner paid for them, not you.” Yeah, screw that. You said it was on the car when you sold it. You don’t get to steal it off the car just because you’re doing it over the internet instead of in the middle of the night with a hacksaw.

But the insane build quality issues, almost always coming after Musk has “gotten personally involved” with increasing production, made me nervous a week or so ago when he decided to get personally involved with some launch delays at SpaceX. It’s one thing to lose a bumper on a Tesla. It’s quite another to blow up a rocket with a bunch of astronauts onboard.

Well they did have a problem finding qualified welders or maybe missed a few key strokes with instructions to the robots.

A friend of mine who worked at McLean Trucking ordered his wife a new Chevy dealer that had just come to town in the late 70s or early 80s. They got a call the car was ready and he dropper he off at the dealer to pick it up and he continued on to work. He got a hysterical call from his wife at work, the roof had flown off the car on Humbolt Parkway!

It turns out the car hauled hit a bridge with his car and destroyed the roof. The guy who was supposed to weld the roof on had set it in place but went home before doing the welding. A different guy came in the next am and put on the new vinyl roof and they called him to pick up the car, never mentioning the roof hit.

The dealer was a guy with an annoying high screechy voice who every on in Buffalo at that time would have recognized from his voice on his commercials. He was only here for a few years.