Shock replacement


I want to replace the shocks on my 2000 toyota siena myself. I have been reluctant figuring I might get into more than I bargained for. Can you describe how to do it.


Front uses STRUTS! Not sure on the rear. If your not familiar with the proper techniques to replace the front struts, please do not try it. Have it done by a competent shop.


BTW, the front struts are the upper part of the suspension, and will require an alignment when done. The spring is a part of the strut assembly, and still has enough stored energy when removed from the car to seriously hurt you if your not careful.


Sienna uses gas charged McPherson struts, these need careful handling. You’ll need coil spring compressors to remove the spring and some special tooling is required for installation ~ though you might be able to get by without that.

To be honest, if you have doubts, don’t do it. Take it to a shop. Better that than have your car stranded halfway through the job.


Back about 100 years ago, someone gazing at Commodore Vanderbilt’s yacht asked him, “How much does one of those cost?”. The Commodore’s response was, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford one”.

In this case, despite the vastly different topic, my response would be similar to the Commodore’s. If you have to ask how to perform this task, I believe that you can’t afford (in terms of inexperience, potential injury and the amount of time that you would need) to do this yourself.


you need to be more specific. front struts or rear shocks?

HUGE difference.


I have to concur with some of the replies so far. If you have to ask how to do this procedure you shouldn’t be doing it unless you have someone there with you supervising, OR you have seen it done, are very careful, and have a reapir manual guiding you step-by-step. A spring has enough energy to kill you, and I’d hate to hear that you got a thumb torn off or a broken jaw because you didn’t do things properly.