Installing a replacement windshield

I’ve done a little exhaust work, just not much since the 90s. In case any would be diy folks tune in here, let me just offer some additional advice. Study everything ahead of time so that you have the proper bolts, hangers, pipes etc. an angle grinder with a cut off disc is your friend. Do one piece at a time starting in the front and working back. Don’t try to assemble everything on the ground and lift it in place. It will be too heavy laying on your back and the parts may not be properly aligned with each

Exhaust shops are generally fast and cheap and while you wait.

I took a look, this doesn’t appear possible in one piece. But might be possible in two pieces.

I’m seeing reference to a BMW Z3 exhaust system replacement described as an “absolute nightmare”. No idea why. Must be a lot of stuff in the way I guess.

However if using insurance. I have State Farm and am only allowed to use one of the authorized glass shops. There are many of them to chose from, but a small glass shop may not be part of the network.

Concur, I don’t think classic-car windshield replacement can be done using a different ordering of the tasks. My guess at this point, either the LMC comment is a typo, or they are just recommending for those purchasing new windshield seals , that they be placed on the window flange perimeter as soon as the seal arrives in the mail, as a test-fit to make sure they are the right size.

I have the farm too but only two glass shops. One I wouldn’t deal with. I had a windshield crack and stopped by the agent, the girl called the glass shop and arranged everything no charge.

Might be different because you only had a few glass places. I had a friend who’s son owned a glass shop. Took it over to him and when I told him I had State Farm he informed me that he wasn’t one of their approved vendors and I should contact my agent. I called my agent and they informed me I had to contact Lynx Services. They gave me a list of their approved glass vendors in my area.