Coast to caost autoglass

Has anyone had any experience with Coast to Coast Autoglass? They came to my door offering to replace my windshield (which did have a ding in it), but I’m a little uncomfortable with companies that go door to door to drum up business. There are no Better Business Bureau complaints on them, but there are a few gripes on line about them.

The commision on this would be high and your final cost as well. The best deals are with established chains, and tell them it is not an insurance claim. The price will surprise you.

I had the windshield on a full size Chevrolet replaced some time back for less than $200.

---- The key with any chain always lies with the local people who are running and working in that one shop. -----
Asking about the chain name answers little.

Inquire localy about that shop. Ask used and new car dealers who they like. Ask body shops for comparisons. Ask co-workers and friends whom they would go to first for the same work.

AND just because THEY want to sell you a new windshield doesn’t mean you must have one right now today. Assess yours idividually. Usually a chip can wait. Even a single crawling crack can wait until it’s a visual or legal problem.

Cost is irrelevant in this case because Florida requires insurance companies to pay for glass replacement with no deductible. My concern is for the quality of the work.

Any auto repair company of any kind that prowls neighbothoods looking for work of any kind is to be avoided like the H1N1 virus. Legit places do not do this.

I would not be surprized if they were not even really with “Coast to Coast Auto Glass”. I would not be surprized if they were scam artists.

Why not call your auto insurer? I’m sure they deal with glass companies more than we do. And I bet they would be happy do provide suggestions for you.

If you really need your windshield repaired, you should contact your insurance carrier to see of you can get it done for free.

I am hoping that this will be read by many people so this company can be exposed for what they really are… SCAM ARTISTS. I process glass claims for several different insurance companies and deal with these conniving, scheming people every single day. This company will go door to door and hang around parking lots “inspecting” people’s vehicles. They convince these people that they NEED to have their windshield replaced when there is just a small chip in it, especially with the insured’s who reside in the glass waiver states (FL, KY, SC). They have called in fraudulent claims on several occasions for insured’s who have previously had work done through them before, as they have all of their insurance information on file. The insurance companies refuse to make them a preferred provider shop as they are always changing their name to avoid legal disputes. The “warranty” that they offer is a joke. READ EVERY SINGLE WORD PLEASE! On their website under the FAQ’s this question is posted:

Q1. What kind of warranty does Coast to Coast offer?
“At Coast to Coast we?ll settle for nothing less than your complete satisfaction. All of Coast to Coast?s installations are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which meets or exceeds all competitors and insurance company warranties.”

There are no further details regarding the warranty located anywhere on their website and as an intelligent person, I know better than to use them for any of my glass replacements. I can guarantee that their “warranty” does not exceed or even MEET the insurance companies warranties. Insurance companies have contracts with their preferred providers and can GUARANTEE the quality of the work that is being completed on your vehicle, which is the very thing that you depend on to keep you safe while on the road.

Beware of these shops and be smart. It’s as simple as going to Google and typing in Coast to Coast Auto Glass and Google begins to “auto-fill” the search item for you with the words “Fraud” and “Scam”. Please do your research before choosing to give them your business. The people that choose to utilize their services are only enabling them to stay in business and scam more people such as themselves.

What are we talking here? $150-$250?? Windshields are an automotive commodity. The country is in a recession, everyone is hustling for a buck. Warranty?? On a windshield? It’s warranted until the next rock hits it, then you get to buy another one.

A Mobile operation, with its low overhead, should be able to offer a good price. The windshields themselves are all coming out of the same centralized warehouse everyone else in the business uses, so the only thing being negotiated is the installers profit margin…

Coast to Coast Auto Glass is licensed in other business names other than Coast to Coast Auto Glass. In Charleston, SC, they operate under Synergy Management, and in parts of Florida as Prospect, Inc. If you check their business license that all their account reps carry, chances are, they are not licensed to be in your area. Yes, they do go door to door, and so do some other more reputable auto glass companies, but Coast to Coast Auto Glass is NOT on ANY insurance companies “Preferred, or Glass Programs” listings. What does this mean to you? Your insurance company will not honor their alleged “Limited Lifetime Warranty.” If they replace your windshield, and you encounter any problems whatsoever, then you are stuck. Good luck in getting them to fix the problem.

There are plenty of auto glass companies who are on your insurance companies “Preferred” list. You just have to listen when the rep is calling in your “glass only” claim. If that company is NOT on the list, then simply decline. That is for your protection if anything goes wrong. In certain states, the insured has a zero dollar deductible for a “glass only” claim. You have to check with your insurance company to determine if you are covered in the area you reside in.

Any auto repair company of any kind that prowls neighbothoods looking for work of any kind is to be avoided like the H1N1 virus. Legit places do not do this.

I wouldn’t limit this to Auto Repair company…

Personally I won’t deal with anyone that visits door to door (with the exception of the local kid selling girl-scout cookies for candy for a field trip…or something like that)…nor do I have ever done business with anyone that sends me SPAM to my e-mail or SPAM to my snail-mail…or phone solicitors…If I want to buy something…I’LL do the research and contact them. Just too many sleaze outfits out there.

The only time insurance companies are required to pay for a windshidle replacement is if the insured has “comprehensive” insurance. If you have comprehensive ins, the windshield will be paid for. If there is a deducatble it will be applied to any other piece of glass on the vehicle.

This person is absolutely correct. They are not registered with BBB and have several identities, even JAX. They are easy to spot using Gorilla sales tactics, door to door and even in a parking lot to make a sale. If you are a business, you do not have to register with them. The best thing to do is contact your insurance company. I agree with the same person who I am replaying to their posting, I do not know who they are, but they are right! Contact your agent or insurance company. Call the 800 phone number on the back of your insurance card. Coast to Coast acts like your buddies and they will help you… I’ve had insured call back due to warranty issues, we cannot help them because they did not choose a participant shop, it is the insured’s choice, but could be a bad choice…especially when they cannot get a hold of anyone at Coast to Coast to fix their poor workmanship… we tall them to contact their agent… they are SOL…

I am a consumer writer for a newspaper in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area and recently did a story on this company, and others like it. You can read it and decide for yourself if using them is a good idea. As you’ll see, insurance company referrals of suspicious auto glass claims went up 500 percent so far this year.

This is the same company that got busted with hiring people to break windshields that had stone chips. Then pass out fliers near the cars to get business. They are not a reputable company. I asked my local service writer where to go and he told me the best place to go. Your insurance company will send you to the cheapest company so they can save a buck. Do your own research. But def don’t go with Coast to Coast.