Installing a hitch on a 2dr 2004 Hyundai Accent - worth it?


I’m in my early 20s and move around alot. In the coming couple weeks alone, I’ll be moving my belongings from my apartment to a storage facility, from storage to a new apartment, and from my sister’s house to my apartment 120 miles away, all on different days. Renting trucks on these days would add up to the cost of installing a hitch and renting trailers, if not more. Since this won’t be the last time I do something like this, I’d like to install a hitch. However, I worry that I may damage the transmission on my little Hyundai hatchback. I don’t intend on lugging obscene weights, the heaviest thing being a heavy fold-out bed couch along with some lighter furniture, so is this a valid worry? Would I end up hurting my transmission, and thus would it be istead worth continually renting those dumb trucks?


I would not recommend it. First of all, the Accent is not designed or equipped for towing anything, it’s only able to carry about 1300lbs of ‘stuff’ including passengers, cargo, etc. Secondly, the engine and transmission are just not powerful enough. You will in all likelihood damage the tranny. Lastly, you will not have adequate control and braking of the vehicle. As an Accent owner, it’s handling is barely adequate as is, adding a trailer will make it extremely unsafe. It’s brakes are also barely adequate for normal driving, add a trailer and you’d be lucky to brake in the best of conditions. Brake fade is a bitch, and the Accent is real good at making the brakes fade.

So, do not add a trailer hitch to an Accent.


NO WAY NO HOW…that car AT BEST can tow 1000lbs…Any utility trailer you rent is going to weight a MINIMUM of 700lbs…so you can only haul 300lbs worth of stuff…MAX…