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Can a hyundai pull a trailer?

I have a 2002 Hyundai Accent-can I pull a small trailer with a Garden Tractor on it? Would it help to add a Transmission oil cooler?-Thanks-AL

The owner’s manual will tell you the towing capacity of the car, if it has a towing capacity. Personally, I wouldn’t try to tow anything with an Accent.

Your Accent may have a very low towing capacity, like 1000 lbs, or so. If you are only going across town or a short distance with you garden trator, I would not hesitate to hook it up to one of those light trailers you can buy at Wal-Mart.

Make sure you stay out of top gear, and you will be OK. For short distance towing you don’t need a transmission cooler if you are only towing a garden tractor. I don’t recommend long distance towing, with or without an oil cooler!

Do they even make a hitch for that car?? It’s like mounting a hitch on a can of Bud Light…

I’ve seen custom hitches on all manner of cars. Most people with small cars use the hitch for mounting a bike rack; it’s easier than hoisting your bikes on a roof rack.

There are at least 6 shops in my araea that can do that.

It may. I’ve seen a Beetle do so. Check the owners manual.

That information is highly classified and only the person who owns the owner’s manual can know it. Go there.

The next question is…if you can tow it, can you stop it safely too?? Or would a smlall used pickup be a better option?

renting a truck to haul it might be a better, cheaper solution depending on how far the OP wants to take the tractor.
At 103hp/106tq, the 4cyl engine isn’t really gonna be able to haul much of anything

With a 103hp engine I doubt it even has a tow rating, anyway, I wouldn’t tow anything with it.

I have an '04 Toyota Matrix with 130hp and I’ll never tow with it either, even though the manual says its tow rating is 1500 lbs.

Guys-Thanks for the replies-The transaxle was what I was worried about more than anything-the owners manual says-NO TOWING- As for horse power, when I was a young man my dad and I pulled this same trailer all over Michigan and Indiana on fishing trips-with his 1950 Ford-engine rated at 95 HP.-AL

Those Fords had very tough transmissions, manual or automatic.