Towing with Hyundai Access

Can I tow a SMALL trailer (Northern Equipment catalog says it weighs 300#) with a SMALL boat (less than 200#) with my 2011 Hyundai Accent. Manufacturer says no, BUT other than voiding the warranty if anything goes wrong, what problems might happen? Would a transmission oil cooler help?

We cannot responsibly recommend any towing with such a small car. Your brakes will likely be overtaxed on a long dowward slope.

I had a relative in Europe who towed a small vacation trailer with his 1980 Mitsubishi Colt with a 1.6 liter engine and manual 4 speed. He drove slowly and in 3rd gear only, and avoided hills.

Owners’ manual states vehicle capacity weight to be 849#. I weigh 185#, trailer weight is 300#, boat 200#, for a total weight of 650#, about 200# under recommended vehicle capacity.

Weight or payload is different than towing capacity. When you tow, the physics of the extra weight dangled at the rear of the car is different.

It’s not a good idea. You can probably “pull” the weight…that’s a given. The problem is you need to tow safely and your little car is simply not up to the task.

Technically, you can tow this weight. It is very light. But the problem is, you can put nothing extra in the trailer and carry no one in the car while towing… If you want an OK to void your warranty and shorten your cars life, you won’t get it here. You can drive your car off road through the woods too if you like. You can do lots of stuff not recommended for this car. Obviously, the maker feels handling and braking will be affected on this light fwd car. Just trade up a little for a vehicle with a rating for it. Just trade it before you tow with it. Start with the premiss that NO fwd car is ideal for towing. The smaller it is, the worse it is.

I think the OP could get away with the towing as described. The problem comes when he has a hitch on the car, and a trailer and decides to haul something heavier. Like a load of wood. It is just natural that once the hitch is on the car that something heavy needs to be hauled. That’s when a trans oil cooler would help but for the light load described not needed unless you plan to take this thing across the country.

I hear you and I agree it could probably be done. I approach it from the manufacturers POV. Don’t do it at all.

Visions of “the tail wagging the dog” comes to mind.