Hitch mounted cargo carriers

I would like to add a hitch mounted cargo carrier as http://www…boxes.html

I have a warranty from Hyundai that relys on my getting all my service from the dealer. However, they don’t put hitches on Hyundai Accents because they can’t tow anything. I don’t want to tow anything, just have some extra space for luggage and what not. According to the Service Dealer at Hyundai he “doesn’t think” this will void my warranty.

What do you think? Will this work? Will I void my warranty by getting an aftermarket hitch that only holds cargo?

What Year? How much warranty left? What does the fine print in the warranty specify?

That is sure one strange looking unit and hitch.

Go to the Hyundai website, send an email with your vehicle’s VIN and submit your question(s).

I think it could void the warranty. Just because your intended purpose is to use the hitch as a carrier, it is still a trailer hitch. Having it on the car means the car could be used for towing.

Perhaps you should consider a roof top carrier. They also sell luggage racks that are bolted permanently to the trunk of the car. I haven’t seen one of these in years but perhaps as cars get smaller they will make a comeback and we’ll see them again.

I really can’t comment about the warranty issue but if down the line you have concerns regarding your transmission or other warranty-related issues, couldn’t you take the hitch off before going to the dealer? I see hitch mounts all the time on tiny cars that I would assume aren’t for towing but are for bike racks and hitch hauls. I suspect the biggest issue is not going over the maximum tongue weight if the manufacturer doesn’t set parameters.

What does your manual say about towing/hitches/etc.?

Also, $489 + $79 S&H seems insanely expensive for that setup – You could get a very nice roof rack for that price. If you are set on a hitch cargo carrier, you might want to check out www.etrailer.com – That’s where I got mine. I think I spent $129 for the carrier (w/free shipping) and then bought a $40 heavy duty plastic trunk intended for pickups at Wal Mart which I just strap in when needed.

A car maker cannot void a warranty unless the vehicle gets a salvage title. However they can deny a specific claim.

It WON’T void the warranty. This is a far better solution then a roof-top carrier. Lot less strain on the vehicle. The hitch carriers can carry a few hundred pounds. The problem is finding a receiver hitch for the vehicle.