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I have a couple of problems with my 2002 Honda Accord, and I need to see what the solutions are, and if the car will pass inspection next month due to the problems.

1) The break lamp indicator on the dash has come on. One of the break lamps doesn’t work when I step on the breaks. But it WILL work when I use the remote entry. So I guess it’s not the lamp itself? Also, I used to be able to put a heavy rock on the break pedal, walk around to the back of my car, and rap on the plastic cover, and the light would come back on. Didn’t work last time. what could the problem be?

2) The “Side Airbag” indicator on the dash switches on and off while I’m driving. I assume it means there’s a faulty sensor, since I think the airbags turn off if you would be in the way of them during a collision. Is it a faulty sensor, or does my skinny, 6’ tall frame somehow trip the sensor while I’m driving?

And like I said, I need to know if I’ll be able to get my car past the inspection next month (I’m in Texas) or if I need to see about fixing these first.

Tail lamp, this could be a bad bulb or a bad contact in the bulb socket due to corrosion. Romove the taillight assembly and then remove the bulb and replace it with a new one.

Side airbags, the light goes on if you sit too close to the door and this is normal. You will trip the sensor if you lean on the door when driving. Solution is to sit up straight in the seat.

So if the bulb is going bad, it might not work when I step on the breaks, but still work when I lock/unlock the car?

I think I do sit upright in the seat, but I’ll try to watch myself next time.

Any ideas about passing/failing the inspection? I bought the car in January from a dealer, and it had passed the inspection the previous month, and the side airbag light was a problem since day one.

The brake warning light will fail you for sure…The bag light might fail you also. Call an inspection station and ask them if a bag light is reason to fail you…

If Texas is like most states that still have inspection programs, you can usually find SOMEONE who will overlook things like bag lights. They will seldom notice the problem if you remove the bulb…few will overlook the brake issue…

Just to comment on your side air bag light coming on/off during driving…I also have a Honda Accord 2002. My side air bag light blinks (not for long) or stays on for a few minutes only when I have a package or my purse on the passenger’s front seat. But I think Uncle Turbo is right. It may have to do with sitting to close to the door or maybe something is touching the door.

Thank you all. I’ll give my local shop, see if the side airbag thing would fail me. Recommendations for tackling the brake light (I’ve been spelling it wrong, I feel like a moron… oh well)? Start by replacing the bulb?

Yes. If that doesn’t work, then check out the receptacle and see how well contact is being made with the new bulb. Clean corrosion, etc, and then go from there.