Inner tie rods

can anyone tell me how to change the inner tie rod on a 1995 honda accord ex 2.2 liter. my hayes manuel doesn’t even mention that the car has one . i know it’s inside the steering gear boot, but what now…help please!

You remove the outer tie rod end, then the boot. Usually there is a claw washer or something similar with wings that grip the flanges of the inner tie rod end. Unfold the wings, then put a wrench on the flange of the tie rod end and another wrench on the rack and unscrew.

BTW, these go by other names in the manuals.

thanks is there any trick to removing the boot without destroying it? or do you just usually replace them?

btw do you konw what they call them in the manuels?

In the FSM, its called a “rack end”. When you remove the outer tie rod end, the boot can be slipped off without damage after you open the bands at each end.

These thing hardly ever wear out, why do you think yours are bad?

One more thing, the small Pitman arm puller is the perfect tool for removing the outer tie rod end from the steering knuckle, and they aren’t very expensive either. You can find the at most auto parts stores, I think they are sold under the “OEM Brand” name and are about $13. Its also perfect for the ball joints too.

thanks keith…when we apply the brakes there’s a pretty bad shudder. iv’echanged the pads and the outer tie rods and it’s better but there still is a shudder. when i took off the outer tie rod the drivers side inner tie rod just flopped down. before we get an alignment i wanted to make sure the inners were not worn out. thakns again for the help it’s much appreciated

ihave the tool and it works great!!

The inner tie rod end will just flop down when you remove the outer tie rod end. If you could shove it in and out with no resistance, that would be a problem. With the front end in the air, if you can move one tire and the other move in sync, you don’t have a problem.

If its any consolation, out 97 Accord does the same thing. I know ours is slightly out of alignment. The tie rods are good. I just put in new axles and I checked everything else.

our 97 Accord does the same thing. Wheres that edit feature?

we just checked the tires in the air and when i moved the drivers side the passenger side moved too. it’s kinda dark so we’ll check again in the morning. thanks for the help hopefully we just need an alignment