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Inner tie rod

Why does my setup have this “stopper washer”? It seems to space the lock washer tabs out too far from rack notches. Almost all videos I see online does not use this spacer.


This is the lock washer tabs which are bent. This does not show the spacer which holds the tierod even further away from rack. I put on new tierod and when I tried to adjust toe, it felt like inner tierod was turning. I turned rod and toe did not seem to change.

I don;t know about this spacer but…

In the diagram that you posted…the part far left will always spin and that is why they show the wrench far left holding that shaft to remove or install the new inner tie rod end. This will not adjust your toe. That must be dealt with by adjusting the outer tie rod end.

The shaft far left must act as a U joint so that the inner and outer tie rod ends can float ant he angles change.


took it apart. tried it without spacer but 2 tabs are too long than. I made sure everything was aligned and it went together ok. I don’t know why most other Hondas do not have spacer.