I saw at one time someone mentioned a liquid that would clear the “haze” to forms on the plastic headlights. Could tell me what is this liquid please?

Secondly, is the price of diesel fuel in the U.S. mainland the same as down here in the Carribean? $3.80 a gallon. Higher than premium gas!!




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You can polish them clear. The more expensive way is to use a plastic polish like Meguiar’s PlastX. Just rub on with a sponge, then remove with a soft cloth.

Or, the cheaper and almost as effective method is using a small amount of regular toothpaste. Just do the same thing, smear on, rub off (removal seems to work better if you use a bit of water on the lens, either spit or snow or whatever.) Just repeat whatever you do every six months or so, or as needed.

by: lprocter


Diesel fuel prices vary by location. One station near me sells 87 octane gas for $3.17 per gallon and their diesel price is $3.81 per gallon. Near DC diesel is always more expensive than gasoline, including premium. If you want to check prices for yourself, go to


whats the year/make,and model? New after market head light lenses can bought for a reasonable cost on some cars.