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On a '96 Infiniti I30, is there any way to clear up the ‘cloudiness’ inside the headlight lens. Is it a vacuum, or can I drill a hole in them and swish around some muratic acid or something?:slight_smile:

Also, is there a cheaper source than $300 ea for these!?


jim, 1RCS

That cloudiness that appears to be on the inside is actually typically on the outside. Try polishing the lenses. I use a variable speed drill with a buffing pad, polishing compound (NOT wax as is “polishing the car”, but rather polishing compound as in “the final step in a paint job”) and lots of water. There are special commpounds sold in parts stores, and others have even tried toothpaste successfully…any mild abrasive compound should work.

No, the only cheap replacement would come from a boneyard and they’d probably be cloudy too.

That just saved me $400!
Had no idea you could polish them - thought it was inside!!
We’ll do lunch if you’re ever over here on the 'right coast!:slight_smile:


jim, 1RCS

And they make kits to polish those plastic covers. You can find what you need at the auto parts store. The more expensive and more labor intensive ones will tend to work better on really bad cases and may do a better longer lasting job.

Sometimes they do cloud on the inside but not usually.

The cloudiness is from the uv protection coming off. If you polish often it will remove it completely.

Macguires “Plast-X” works pretty good…

Thx a lot!!