Information about manual shifting speeds

Hello, i retrieved an owners guide for a car i owned several years ago (Ford Fiesta 1978), and

at the manual shift speeds page, i’m wondering what is the meaning of the letters “U” and “R” in the table, as it’s not explained anywhere in the guide. (see image)

Any ideas ? Thanks.

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U means upper speed range

R means recommended speed range


Thank you very much Mustangman !

It does makes sense, now :smiley:

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Our 1978 VW Rabbit Diesel had the shift points marked on the speedometer.Probably was in the manual as well.

Interesting, there were some « aids » or reminders like that in some models, i also remember the Mercury Lynx of a friend, (1981 or 1982) wich had an orange UP arrow light on the instruments cluster, it illuminated to indicate when to shift.

Seems like Honda’s had that feature as well. Mom became one of those drivers who could shift by ear, none of her stick shift cars had a tachometer so it was all by sound. We all piled in her car for a road trip and she asked my dad from the backseat “how do you feel about 5th gear?” dad got the hint and shifted up.

Yeah I just shifted by ear. I don’t remember having a tach for anything I drove.

I usually shift by my left foot and right hand. The ear seems uncomfortable. :smirk:


Yeah except in England.

Automatic transmissions are programmed to vary shift points according to throttle position or intake manifold vacuum, the less gas you give it, the lower the shift rpm.
That’s how I drive my manual transmission vehicles.

My 93 Saturn had that as well. It helped the EPA mileage ratings for the manufacturer as well as helping the newbie know when to shift.