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2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport - Manual shift

On our 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport,
2.4L engine with 6 speed auto
with the transmission shift lever in Sport Mode, and while driving on level terrain with the Drive Mode Control System button in the Normal Mode position, what are the manual shifting RPM ranges recommended by Hyundai for each upshift and downshift? I realize that the amount of throttle opening would have a lot to do with attempting to drive economically, but does Hyundai have any sort of guidelines for RPM ranges for power or economy or safety or whatever? In other words, are there any recommended manual shift points? This would be especially helpful in situations where you wished to delay an upshift or a downshift or accelerate or decelerate slightly.

Wow , talk about making something complicated . Just put the automatic in drive and drive sensibly . Wanting economy in sport mode and using the shifter is a contradiction . The transmission will shift when it is supposed to.


Please re-read what I wrote. Only the shift lever in Sport Mode but But the Drive Mode Control System Button in Normal Mode From what you said here, you think that driving a stick shift is complicated and that the auto transmission is ALWAYS right. What if you do not want it to downshift two or three gears when you push down on the accelerator but only want it to down shift one or two and stay there? This is not a self-driving car you know.

I do not think driving a manual shift transmission is difficult because I have driven many different vehicles and trucks with two speed rear axles. Pressing on the gas pedal to increase speed to pass or just increase your speed the automatic will do it’s job . Why do you even care if it drops one or two gears ?

Because I want to be in control of the rpms and the gear that I am in. An automatic only allows you to do that when you shift it manually. I want to over ride the automatic when it is about to do something wrong. Don’t you choose your gear change and when to change the two speed rear?

Good Greif , the people who designed your transmission knew what they were doing . Relax and just enjoy your new vehicle .

Jeez. All I am asking is if someone knows the rpm shift points.

Depends on what you’re after
Economy 1500
Power 5000

So you are saying that 1500 in top gear would not be lugging the engine?

What rpm is it running cruising down the interstate at 60 mph in normal mode ?
That rpm is what I would use as the shift point.

Seem’s to me if the OP want’s to shift gear’s he should of bought a car with a manual transmission.


The people who built this vehicle know what they are doing . At 60 you might be at 1500 RPM and at 70 it might be 1800 RPM . Seriously I have no idea why you are obsessing over this .

How about reading your owners manual and trying to find this information? Have you tried that?

Oh, and don’t think you can beat the mileage manually shifting vs automatic, you can’t.

Could find not recommendations in the manual concerning shift points. All it tells you is that you can shift manually.

And that is all you need to know . Just put the thing in drive and the vehicle will do just what it is supposed to do . And when you feel like Mario Andretti do the manual shift and forget getting good fuel mileage.

The car’s computer won’t let you screw this up. Won’t let you over rev and you can’t reslly lug the engine.

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I wonder what Lang was driving before acquiring this 2018 vehicle ? I really don’t understand the obsession with shift points . It makes me think of old Volkswagen speedometers that had marks to indicated it was time to change to a higher gear . At least I think VW had them.

Thanks Guys. I would not call it an obsession. I just like to know these things. I always liked to know my working range, whether I am driving an 80,000 pound 18 wheeler using a 10 speed Road Ranger or an Allison automatic working behind a Detroit or a 4.9 L. six with a 5 speed stick in a Ford F-150. I have always liked to know. Now I have a Hyundai 2.4 L powering a 6 speed automatic. Thanks again.