U/S Dash Light Isuzu Trooper

This warning light on my dash keeps popping up in my '94 Trooper. I’d look it up in the manual, but I don’t have one! The light says “U/S” and I’ve noticed that it illuminates when I push In either the clutch or the gas pedal. Does anyone know what this is?

If memory serves me correctly (sometimes it does) it is not a warning light per se it is an up-shift indicator. The computer using RPM, engine load, temp. and probably others factors is telling you when to shift for the best economy. Try this accelerate slowly the light should come on to tell you to shift to 2nd, accelerate slowly again it will light for 3rd and so on. And the harder you accelerate the higher the RPM before the shift light comes on.

Thanks so much! this makes complete sense with when the light comes on! Thats a clever idea to have that in a car though too

VW even had it on some models back in the 1980’s