IndyCar back in Baltimore next year

A new group, Downforce Racing, cut a deal with the city to bring the IndyCar Grand Prix back to Charm City on 9/2/12 (Labor Day weekend). ALMS will also stage a Grand Prix on 9/1/12 (Saturday). There will likely be other races, too, associated with ALMS and IndyCar as there were last year. All fees are expected up front, and Downforce Racing is not taking out loans or hiring consultants ans the failed group did. I wonder if Mrs JT would like to go for her birthday?

Good for youall.

With the overall interest in racing waning greatly due to the economic times and the perceived wastefulness of racing’s high dollar costs and sponsorships, I sure wish they’d televise all of the other six or so races that occur on the same temporary track setup during that weekend. Maybe then it would catch people’s attention as being a valuable developmental tool when they see people racing cars a little more like theirs and how it can transfer onto the showroom.

And if racing made the ten o clock news sports report with a little more enthusiasm that would help a lot too, Those of us out here in the middle of nowhere who like racing have to painstakingly search for information and don’t get to see much on our basic cable.

Sometimes SPEED Channel will televise races that aren’t carried on commercial television. I think all the races were televised here, but I live near Baltimore, and the event was a sellout. Of course, it is also possible that ALMS or IndyCar might carry the races on their we sites (SPEED, too). If your TV has an HDMI input and your computer does, too, you could get and HD feed from your computer. I’ve done that several times to watch college football or baseball. It’s a great way to watch the real USC destroy in conference foes like Georgia or Florida and even Alabama. But 'Bama was on commercial TV. Spurs up!

P.S. We’re going for 3 in a row this year!

I might have to make the trip up to Baltimore for that one.

No chicane this year.