ALMS at Daytona this weekend

24 hours of racing; almost 22 hours left. If you get SpeedTV, you can watch some good sports car racing.

I wish they would do away with that chicane on the backstretch.

I had to look up chicane, so for others, WIKI, "A chicane is an artificial feature creating extra turns in a road, used in motor racing and on streets to slow traffic for safety."
I used to live in Daytona and there were (I believe) no chicanes while I was there. Is this a new thing? Or please explain what you mean.

The drivers complained about the chicane at Baltimore, too. If there is a race next year (it looks like it will take place), the chicane will not be reconstructed.

BTW, does Paul Tracy ever sleep? He was driving last night when SpeedTVs coverage stopped and he was driving this morning when TV coverage picked up again.

FoDaddy, you are probably quite pleased with the DP results: Ford is 1,2,4,7,and8 in the top 10.