One more thing to check off of my bucket list

fulfilling a lifelong dream by attending the Indy 500 this weekend. I’ve been watching and following this race for a long time, and to actually go and watch life if really exciting.

Anyone else here going?

Good for you. Be sure to spend plenty of money while you are here in Indiana. It helps our economy.
I’ve lived in Indiana most of my life and have never gone to the Indy 500. I became discouraged back in the 1960s when Andy Granatelli entered the turbine cars in the race. One of his cars, driven, I think, by Parnelli Jones almost won, but some cheap part failed. The next year, the rules were changed so that Granatelli’s turbine cars couldn’t compete.
At any rate, I hope you have a good experience with Hoosier Hospitality.

I want to attend the Baltimore Grand Prix on Labor Day weekend. Incycar, Indy Lights, and ALMS all in the same place on the same long weekend. My wife’s birthday was on the weekend the last two years. This year it isn’t. Her day comes first, but this year I should be able to make it.

I’m quite certain I’ll be leaving a fair amount of cash behind Triedaq. :slight_smile:

The first gen turbine was rather bulbous and curvey looking. The second gen Turbines were pure wedge, and were still competetive. By the third year, they’d been “ruled” right out of existence. Happens a lot in all forms of auto racing. Owners with current machines see something new and provocotive, and they know if it’s sucessful, there own stuff is expensive junk.

Not to be a killjoy but my one and only experience at the 500 was terrible due to poor planning on my part, plus the temp was almost 100 that year. Sunday should be a GREAT day to go with a high of 70 degrees. Perfect temp for the race. Bring Sunscreen, and a wide brimmed hat no matter how silly it looks, and drink ALOT of water. I got burnt so bad the year I went I was miserable for a week, plus I actually think I got sunstroke.

Go to the museum if you can, its nice. Have a good safe trip

thanks for the tips. I’ve been going to races for quite a while, so I like to think I know my way around a race course.

I’ve got tickets on the main straight under the big awning that is the upper bleachers, so I’m not too worried about the sun. It IS supposed to be a really nice day, so I’m looking forward to that.

You might see one of my coworkers there–he maintains a house in the Ft. Wayne, IN area and goes religiously every year.

Not that we want to get into something else but, I used to think of the demise of the turbine powered Indy car as a bad thing. But, why allow it ? The Internal combustion motor represents what the fans want to see. If some day they want to see jet powered cars race, go to the Salt Flats. It never found it’s way into mainstream autos, why allow it.
The rear view mirror, turbocharging, hydraulic brakes, Awd, seat belts, ethanol fuel etc. are all precursors to what started in Indy cars and found their way into today’s cars. The gas turbine was a temporary diversion that has yet to be proven practical in cars and was rightly regulated out.

My perspective on regulating successful designs out of the race is that there oughtt to be a class that’s unlimited. Evolution of turbines might just have superceded the current state of design had restriction not been put on them.

I’m sure the influence of the oil industry had a lot to do with it, but the fact remains, gas turbines are impracticle for most car use unless you run at sustained speeds for long periods of time or drive a tank. It’s ok for the govt. with our tax dollars to have somthing built that’s very expensive and gets lousy mileage.

There are specific needs that drive the design of the tanks.
(1) ability to run on anything combustable. One cannot count on good qualty fuel when invading another country.
(2) Lack of noise. For sneaking up purposes. Turbines are a lot quieter than the old diesels.

Well, I’m back. Had a GREAT time. Well worth it IMHO.

That place is huge. Thank goodness for the jumbotrons. I was told by some old timers that the jumbotrons are only about 8 years old. Before that, you relied on the PA announcer to know what was going on on the back stretch.

The last part of the race was really competetive. I swear, everytime the pack came by, someboy else was leading.

All in all, a great experience.

Next item on my list is the Daytona 500.