The indicators fail to flash on my granddaughters ‘92’ Chevy Beretta. The lights work when you move the indicator arm from right to left but they just won’t flash. I have replaced the flasher unit but no luck, they still don’t work, and yes I was sure to replace the right flasher (not the one for the four way flashers). The emergency four ways do work. I checked the ground wire for bad contact and cleaned it just to make sure. The bulbs are all good (they work when you move the indicator arm).

‘HELP’ This making me look bad in my grandaughters eyes. Grandpa can fix anything right?

The multi-function switch may be faulty. Perhaps dirty, loose or worn contacts in the steering column.

This only happens to me when one of the lights goes out. Are you sure the bulbs are good? Does the front and back both light up when you move the are up and down?