Increase gas mileage

A friend recently invested money in a product called MMPG System. Their web site is This system guarantees gas mileage will increase by 50%. He recently purchased a Chevy truck that gets 15 miles per gallon and with this gadget he will double his fuel mileage. I feel he through 1500 dollars to the wind.

My rule. Anytime you see an ad. that show palm trees, hugh ocean waves, and a beautiful lady pumping gas to a red car. GRAB YOUR WALLET AND RUN LIKE HELL.

I agree

It’s snake oil. If this worked, it would already be in wide use. Any potential improvement is more than canceled out by the energy used to produce the hydrogen.

Also, a 50% increase would not double your fuel economy, it would only bring him to 22 mpg.

The main improvement your friend is going to see is from not having to haul those 1500 dollars around.

So something binds to your fuel and makes it burn? Why do you need it to bind to burn? Can’t it just burn normally?


For $1499.99 I’ll send him a kit that really will increase his mileage. It’ll consist of a nice bourdon tube tire gage, a maintenance manual, an egg to set on his dashboard (to temper his driving), and a maintenance schedule. And now, this week only, for the first 100 callers, I’ll throw in a free set of sparkplugs! Hurry! We won’t repeat this offer!

It’s a scam. For many years now, a few decades actually, the federal government has promolgated rules that force the manufacturers to design for optimum mileage while still getting acceptable performance. The truck came designed for as good a mileage as practicable. But if he’d like to give us some details and history of his truck we might be able to make some suggestions that can help a bit.

Don’t listen to him, for only $1499.98, I’ll sell this proven gas mileage increasing device that can be installed in mere minutes.
Hurry! Supplies are limited! This offer won’t be repeated!

Competition is tough…

Thanks for reply. I agree but sometimes you just can’t convince people.