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In search of 2002 Ford F150 schematics

Any chance of anyone who has a parts schematics of a 2002 Ford F-150 supercharged Harley-Davidson crew cab pickup, I have tried several different places to get one, but no one ever responded. I’m very interested in getting the information on the stock suspension system, I need to get some information on it, because the rear suspension system on my truck is failing, and the Ford company doesn’t make the parts anymore. But, if you’re like me, and you have one of these trucks you still have to have the parts for it. So, help would be appreciated. Thank you for your help. Danny

What do you mean by schematics? A list of parts? Or an exploded drawing of how they go together? If you want part numbers, that would be here;

An exploded drawing is probably best obtained from a service manual. Check Ebay for one of those. Not sure why you need a front schematic if the rear is failing. But OK.

Seems like the simple thing would be to contact a good body shop and just let them solve this .

Well, I would like to see what the stock suspension system looks like, mine is definitely not a stock suspension system, and I don’t know what all was done. Without any information on the stock suspension system I don’t have any idea what it should be like. So an exploded view of the 2002 Ford F-150 supercharged Harley-Davidson crew cab pickup truck, to know how to proceed.

Here ya go!